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English Tenses

- Simple Present

- Present Cotintinuous Progressive

- Present Perfect

- Present Perfect Continuous

- Simple Past

- Past Continuous Progressive

- Past Perfect

- Past Perfect Continuous

- Simple Future

- Future Progressive

- Future Going to

- Future Perfect Simple

- Future Perfect Progressive

English Verb To Be

- Present Affirmative

- Present Negative

- Present Interrogative

- Past Simple Affirmative

- Past Simple Negative

- Past Simple Interrogative

English Irregular Verbs

- Full list

- Infinitive Irregular Verbs

- Past Simple Irregular Verbs

- Past Participle Irregular Verbs

Modal Verbs

- Can

- Could

- May/Might

- Will/Shall

- Should/Ought to

- Must/Have to

- Would

English Conditionals

- Zero Conditional

- First Conditional

- Second Conditional

- Third Conditional

English Pronouns

- Personal Pronouns

- Objective Pronouns

- Possessive Adjectives

- Possessive Pronouns

- Reflexive Pronouns

- Demonstrative Pronouns

- Indefinite Pronouns

- Relative Pronouns

- Reciprocal Pronouns

English Adverbs

- Adverbs of Manner

- Adverbs of Time

- Adverbs of Place

- Adverbs of Degree

- Adverbs of Frequency

- Grammar Rules

- Use of the Adverbs

English Nouns

- Types

- Gender and Number

- Simple and Compound Nouns

- Functions

English Connectors

- Copulative Connectors

- Disjunctive Connectors

- Condicional Connectors

- Concessive Connectors

- Conclusive Connectors

- Continuative Connectors

- Adversative Connectors

- Causative Connectors

- Definite Connectors

- Indefinite Connectors

English Adjectives

- Qualifying Adjectives

- Demonstrative Adjectives

- Quantitative Adjectives

- Interrogative Adjectives

- Possessive Adjectives

- Numerical Adjectives

- Grammar Rules

English Comparative/Superlative

- Comparative Adjective

- Superlative Adjective

British/American English

You can see the alternatives that there exist between these two classes to refer to one same thing, using different terms.


Interactive Alphabet

- Interactive Alphabet with Audios and Transcriptions

Phonemic Chart

- 44 Symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

English Pronunciation

- Short / Long Vowels

- Front / Centre / Back Vowels

- Voiced/Unvoiced Consonants

- Plosive / Fricative / Affricate / Nasal / Approximant Consonants.

English Pronunciation Training

- Vowels Audios

- Diphthongs Audios

- Consonants Audios

English Transcriptions

- Phonemes with examples in common spelling and their Transcription.

English Intonation

- Rising Intonation

- Falling Intonation

- Fall-Rise Intonation

English Spelling Rules

- Sounds And Rules

- Schwa Sound

- Soft And Hard

English Stress Patterns

- Word Stress

- Sentence Stress

English Useful Expressions

- Expressions


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English Grammar Phonetics